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Our company

Sinolux was created in 1990 for the purpose of supplying European therapists with products based on the Chinese pharmacopoeia, meeting the quality standards prescribed by Prof Leung Kok Yuen, a teacher of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the last quarter of the 20th century.

He also passed on the fundamental rules for the trading and distribution of substances originating in China, the criteria to apply in choosing suppliers and in identifying product quality, and the ethical rules regarding substances taken from threatened animal or plant species.

We used all this information as the bedrock of our development and as a point of reference in our choice of partners.

Today, almost thirty years later, we have at your disposal a team of several practitioners, teachers and specialists, European and Chinese, in the different disciplines of TCM, including of course the Chinese pharmacopoeia.

All these people work together to provide you with products that meet the quality criteria and standards we have demanded since the beginning, from production centers in China itself, primarily :

- The Anguo site (Hebei province) for herbs, specialising in the organic production and packaging of herbs, grown without chemical fertilisers and packaged with no artificial processes of preservation (in particular without sulphurisation) ; 

- The internationally recognised Lanzhou site for the preparation of the pills ;

- The Tianjing site for the manufacture of the concentrated powders.

In the Quality section, you can learn about the methods used to monitor product quality. The products themselves are described in the Products section. New lines will be added over time. These production units are continually monitored to ensure that the Quality Action Plans are properly applied.

Regular on-site analyses and tests are carried out by the units themselves and meticulously recorded in official registers. Our specialist teams make occasional visits to all the sites, firstly to check the quality records, and secondly to "tour" the premises following a specific inspection procedure. These inspections are minuted in reports supplied to the official European inspection bodies. After analysis and approval, these bodies issue the required import permits.

All these processes reflect the priorities Sinolux and its partners set themselves from the start - the responsible and quality-controlled distribution of healthy, safe, diverse and affordable products.
We currently supply customers throughout Europe - TCM professionals, hospitals, pharmacies and individuals.

We also provide technical support in five languages - primarily French, German and English - whether to identify a practitioner's specific needs in a particular case or to ensure an optimum match between the remedies chosen and the criteria provided.