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Plum Flower Brand, Preparation of the herbs

As a distributor of Chinese herbs for several decades, we have observed the growing interest in these products around the world. The rising demand on world markets prompted many producers to use preservatives in order to make the herbs easier to transport and store. These preservative agents, (...)More

Mayway Anguo - Where the product comes from

In order to assure the quality of our products and their overall value, it is important to mention where the product we deliver to you originates from. The Mayway-Anguo preparation plant unit is located in the Hebei Province of China and is the source of the goods Sinolux can distribute to you. (...)More

Sulphur-Free Preparation

Our producers strictly follow traditional methods for the preparation of the herbs (roasting, boiling, steaming, etc.) in order to maintain the potency of the plants and reduce the likelihood of any side effects to a minimum. In addition, the producers of our goods have established a number of (...)More

Quality Control Criteria

Certified GMP International Manufacture The quality control maintained by Plum Flower lies partly in the choice of exceptional production centers used by the manufacturer of our products. All of the manufacturers we buy from at Sinolux are guaranteed by the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) (...)More