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Our producers strictly follow traditional methods for the preparation of the herbs (roasting, boiling, steaming, etc.) in order to maintain the potency of the plants and reduce the likelihood of any side effects to a minimum.
In addition, the producers of our goods have established a number of protocols and a new form of cutting the plants, so that they can offer us an alternative to entirely raw herbs to then sell to our customers.
To avoid the use of artificial preservatives, the producer of the product sterilises the plants by heat or high-pressure alcohol curing, which eliminates all undesirable organisms that may cling to the herbs. The plants are then sterilised a second time through oven drying, which also ensures the right level of desiccation.
This is an important stage, because as the humidity level falls, the weight of "plant material" per kilo increases. This is in contrast with sulphurisation, where the humidity remains in the plants, along with the sulphur, resulting in less "plant material" per kilo. 
At the Mayway-Anguo site, they practice using no irradiation of any kind and using no harmful gases to prepare the plants. Instead of being fumigated, the plants are vacuum packed, and this first layer of packaging is then wrapped in a second hermetically sealed envelope, which is then injected with nitrogen.

Cleanliness and hygiene

Plants that bear the Plum Flower Brand Herbs label are exceptionally clean, because the producer pays special attention to the sorting and storage process. The plants supplied are free of all foreign bodies, earth, sand, stones or dust. They are inspected by the producers lab, which identifies and analyses any trace of impurity.
External laboratories carry out testing for microbes and heavy metals, pesticides and sulphite residues.
The 2 hermetically sealed package layers provide effective protection to the herbs from dust and dirt that may be encountered throughout the different stages of transport.

Length of preservation and freshness

Plum Flower Brand Herbs can be kept for 24 to 36 months. By comparison, sulphur-treated plants can be kept for around 6 years, which makes it difficult to determine how fresh they really are.
Free of all preservative agents, Plum Flower Brand Herbs plants naturally retain their freshness and quality.
Through ever stage, from growing to purchase, every possible measure is taken to supply plants of the highest quality in terms of cleanliness, safety and freshness, compared with all the other Chinese herbs currently on the market.

Plum Flower Brand, Formula Preparation

Formulation and mixing

Only Plum Flower Brand Herbs plants are used in the composition of the formulas. They are then cooked together in a decoction following traditional methods. This operation permits the complex interactions between the different components which give the Plum Flower formulas all their efficacy.
According to the principles of Chinese medical tradition, it is not enough just to cook the herbs together. The intrinsic properties of each plant also have to be taken into account. In many cases, preliminary reduction are carried out on certain components, because the cooking times that the plants need to express the medicinal properties for which they were chosen vary from one plant to another.
For example, we know that to maximise its qualities, ginseng has to first be macerated in a mild alcohol solution before the actual decoction process can begin.
The People’s Republic of China has codified all these ancient recipes in the "Chinese Pharmacopoeia", a book that has become the reference for the producers of Plum Flower formulas.
Following these ancient and proven methods of preparation maximises the virtues of each component, whilst maintaining the synergy between the resulting essences in the process of concentration for the preparation of pills.

Low-temperature production

Meticulous care is taken at every stage in the preparation of Plum Flower formulas. They are cooked very slowly in water, at a temperature never exceeding 100░C, in order to extract and retain the essences.
A blender runs during the cooking process to ensure a uniform mix and prevent excessive heat at the edges of the decoction vessel. These vessels are hermetically sealed and cooking takes place in a vacuum to ensure verz precise temperature control.
The decoction vessels are fitted with a system to recover the steam and essential oils released during cooking, so that no active substance is lost. In this way, the formulas are slowly concentrated and then filtered. After sifting to remove solids, they are concentrated again, and the volatile substances recovered in the initial cooking phase are reintroduced. In the next phase powdered plants are introduced into the highly concentrated mix, transforming it into a paste that will be rolled and cut into small pieces to form pills of the highest quality. Finally these are covered with a thin layer of plant wax (Lingustri Lucidi - privet) and talc, which gives them their shiny appearance and their sweetness.
Plum Flower formulas are free of fillers, chemical additives or concentrates of any kind.
The herbs used used by the producer are the highest quality and the distillation process is meticulously carried out of produce a finished product of unrivalled quality.