Bienvenus au nouveau forum ThÚrapeutes


Welcome to Sinolux and thank you for choosing to visit our website today !

Here you can find all the information you may want to know about us. Including information on our products, our quality assurance policy, and other frequently updated information about TCM conferences that we will be attending in the future.

You can also find information covering other events and opportunities in the TCM community. This includes fascinating classes offered by TCM schools throughout Europe.

We are going to continue updating and adapting our site to ensure we can keep a vast collection of knowledge available for you.

We hope to be able to connect with you all on a friendly, professional, level. Just as we do when you order with us. We really want to be here for you !

Our hardworking team will continue to provide you with inforation on the website to ensure our feelings of partnership with our clients.

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